The Django Book

The Django Book

Welcome to the online version of The Django Book, a free book about the Django Web framework for the Python programming language.

A warning about this edition

The community edition of The Django Book is in transition. While the book mentions Django version 1.4 in places, the vast majority of the book is for Django version 1.0, which was released over four years ago. Therefore this resource is extremely out of date and, until the book is finished being updated, we ask that, at this time, not be used for educational purposes.

This book was originally published by Apress in 2009 and covered Django version 1.0. Since then it has languished and, in places, is extremely out of date. We are working on getting the book updated to cover Django versions 1.4, 1.5, and beyond. But we need your help, we’re making this book — warts and all — open source in the hopes that it will find love as a community project.

So, if you’d like to help out, hop on over to GitHub and send us a pull request!

Copyright Adrian Holovaty, Jacob Kaplan-Moss, et al.
This work is licensed under the GNU Free Document License.